Nursing Abroad Opportunities with Zen Career Hub

Nursing Abroad Opportunities with Zen Career Hub

Zen Career Hub’s nursing curriculum has partnered with leading hospitals, aged care providers, and other healthcare employers in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia to assist experienced Nepali nurses in finding rewarding overseas jobs.

We simplify the complex licensing, visa sponsorship, and job search hurdles for nurses at every career stage, including:

  • New graduates: 1-2 year contracts with accredited training hospitals
  • Registered Nurses: matched to specialty hospital departments by experience
  • Nurse managers: leadership roles overseeing ward operations
  • Clinical instructors: train nursing and medical students

Nursing Preferred Candidates

  • Bachelor’s in Nursing; 2-5 years hospital experience
  • Licenses from NNC/NHPC and Nursing council
  • IELTS 7.0+ or equivalent English
  • Adaptability, teamwork, and communication abilities

Typical benefits include salaries over £30,000 in the UK and $60,000+ in the USA/Canada, with yearly raises, signing bonuses, paid accommodation options, and clear pathways to permanent residency after meeting tenure requirements.

The USA and Canada prioritize nurses as the shortest skill categories with high incomes, bonuses, and strong pathways to permanent residency.

Select Employers & Benefits

UK & Europe

  • NHS hospitals £32,000+ salary, Raises, Pension, Paid Leave
  • Private outpatient and elder care options
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency

USA & Canada

    • Salaries exceeding USD 65K + bonuses
    • Tier 1 healthcare employers: John Hopkins, Toronto General, etc.
    • Paid insurance, relocation, and accommodation
  • Fast track PR options in Canada

Australia & NZ

  • Public and private inpatient/outpatient
  • Regional options across major cities
  • Certain employers also cover housing costs

Gulf Countries (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain)

  • Tax-free salaries up to $140K+ with yearly raises
  • Generous relocation, housing, and trip home packages
  • Expat benefits making significant savings possible

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