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Zen Career Hub's Caregiver Training is a comprehensive on-site program designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required for effective caregiving.

    Understanding the Role of a Caregiver

    Explore the responsibilities and expectations of a caregiver.

    Communication Skills

    Learn effective communication strategies for interacting with care recipients and healthcare professionals.

    Personal Care and Hygiene

    Gain practical skills in assisting with personal care and maintaining hygiene standards.

    Nutrition and Meal Assistance

    Understand dietary considerations and learn to provide meal assistance.

    Caregiver Training: Designed For

    This course is tailored for individuals aspiring to become caregivers or those seeking to enhance their caregiving skills. It is ideal for:

    • Aspiring caregivers looking to enter the healthcare field.
    • Individuals currently providing care and wanting to improve their skills.
    • Family members or friends taking on caregiving responsibilities.

    Class Purpose

    Upon completion of the on-site Caregiver Training program, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the responsibilities and ethical considerations of caregiving.
    • Communicate effectively with care recipients and healthcare professionals.
    • Provide assistance with personal care, hygiene, and meal-related tasks.
    • Safely assist with mobility and transfers.
    • Manage medication administration following best practices.
    • Offer emotional support with empathy and compassion.


    To maximize the benefits of Caregiver Training, participants should:

    • Have a genuine interest in caregiving and helping others.
    • Possess basic communication skills.
    • Attend the on-site sessions at the Zen Career Hub Training Center.

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